Szent Borbála Akadémiai Kör Egyesület

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Szent Borbála Akadémiai Kör Egyesület
Literally translated: Saint Barbara Academic Circle Association.

Our association is mostly based on mining engineers graduated from the Technical University for Heavy Industry in Miskolc, Hungary in 1986. The Miskolc University (as called now) is the successor of the Mining School of Selmec (Schemnitz), founded in 1735.

Based on the rich gold and precious ore mining around Selmec or Schemnitz (currently in Slovakia, called Banska Stiavnica), a Mining School (Berg Schola) was founded in 1735 to assure the education of mining professionals. This was actually the first technical school of the world. In 1762 the Mining School was rased to Acedemy level.
By the end of the first World War, when this region became part of Slovakia, the mining education activity moved partly to Leoben, Austria (Montanuniversität), and partly to Sopron, Hungary. This latter became the Mining and Forestry faculty. In 1949, foretsry education remained in Sopron, but a new university was founded in Miskolc (Technical University for Heavy Industry), with Mining, Metallurgial, and Mechanical Engineering faculty. This is also the origin of the traditionally strong link between mining, metallurgical and forestry education, students and professionals.

In the Selmec Mining School and the later Academy, a unique world of traditions was born: the internal life of the students, their extreme committment to their school, to their professors and profession, and to their country, the friendship, uniforms, student groups, relation of older and younger students, songs, special events, ceremonies, etc. These traditions are quite well known all over Eurpoe by mining students.
We call these traditions, and the way we apply them in our daily life, shortly the Selmec spirit.

The goal of our association in brief is to collect and know the Selmec origin student and mining traditions, live through and experience them, and most importantly to hand over these traditions to the younger generation.

Our yearly General Assembly is always oragnised at one of the mining locations of central Europe. Consequently, some kind of mining or related professional site visit is part of our official program.

Having relation with several other associations and groups in the field of mining traditions, we are frequent participants of different events organised to keep and promote the Selmec student traditions. The most important of these events is the so-called Salamander in Selmec, with thousands of participants, mostly mining, metallurgical and forestry students and professionals, primarily from Hungary, but also from Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Austria, and other countries.

We are open to get in relation with other similar associations or groups who have similar goals.

Jó szerencsét!
Glück Auf!



Szent Borbála Akadémiai Kör Egyesület
Pécs, Nagypostavölgyi út 122.

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